The Feeling of “Kilig”

Tomorrow is already February 14, 2012. It’s a Tuesday. And yes, it’s already Valentine’s Day. Everyone has been very excited especially those couples who have been planning to go out on a date tomorrow. Valentine cards, chocolates and flowers are a sure sold-out. Yes, flowers.

My colleagues and I were about to go home this afternoon when one of my colleagues told us that we had to wait because she was waiting for a surprise – a bouquet of flowers. Well yeah, it was supposed to be a surprise but because of an “unexpected circumstance” (only I and my colleagues knew about this), the surprise was spoiled! Anyway, we patiently waited. While waiting, we already got so excited about the surprise and brainstormed on how would that surprise look like. It took a couple of minutes for us to wait, so we decided to go down to log out and wait for the ‘messenger’ at the gate. So, we then went down. As we reached the Prefect’s room (where the Biometrix is), we saw a box on the floor. We thought that it was just something else. But, when we saw to whom the package was to be given and thought that inside could have been flowers too, we immediately put the box on the table in the said room. Thinking that it could be flowers too, I and my colleagues got tickled pink again! We might probably have the same thoughts then: “Awww! How sweet!”

After logging out and feeling shuddered in delight, we walked towards the school exit. Before reaching the exit, my colleague cheered, “Naa na daw siya sa may gate!” So, I and my other friends hurriedly ran to the gate and got even more excited! We ordered her to stay a bit far so she wouldn’t see the ‘messenger’ bringing the surprise. From afar, we saw a man holding a bouquet of flowers and our excitement had gone the wildest! As he was approaching, our smiles could have probably reached our napes and our giggles could have been heard from a distance (and sorry, we almost forgot that we’re teachers!) When he gave the flowers already, we jumped with  glee and we felt that we were more excited than our friend who received the flowers. We went back inside the school, took her some pictures and took some pictures of us, too! After all these, we then went home with hearts smiling and beating happily.

For me, today was one of the most “kilig” moments in my life. I know I had felt this feeling way back when I was still in my teenage years, but I could not imagine that I could still feel it now. I feel happy for my friend who received the surprise from her boyfriend who is now in abroad. Likewise,  I feel happy for my work colleague who has a package from her husband who is in abroad, too. Do I feel envy? Maybe. But what I feel more now is true happiness that love has brought and genuine sweetness that this thing called “flowers” have caught in our hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ♥



It was my vacant period this morning when I was starving. So, I decided to go to the cafeteria to buy something to eat. I was supposed to buy bread, but when I asked the lady if they had change for 500, she hesitated. I felt sad. I had to eat (hahaha!) So, I thought of going to SMEMCO (a coop in school for the teachers and staff) to pay for my load credit, but suddenly, my attention and direction were caught by a mini-fair in the free area. A mini-fair of BOOKS!

From story books to inspirational books, from puzzle books to general information books, I could say that the fair wasn’t a waste of time and money at all. The fair had started since Monday and obviously, kids went frantic over the books and other items like ballpens of various designs, stickers, and the like that they were selling. Even teachers never failed to drop by the fair and several teachers even purchased some books. And I myself was one of these several teachers. So, what book did I buy? An almanac.

For only Php 100.00 (yes, Php 100.00), I was able to buy a book entitled “Know It All” (Igloo Books Ltd, 2007). It is like an almanac. Perhaps, it’s really an almanac. As what its cover says, it is “The ultimate guide to absolutely everything and more with over 2,000 facts!” When I flipped some of its pages, all I could say was “Wow!” History, Arts and Entertainment, Natural World, People, Places, Science and Technology, Solar System, Body – they’re there! The book per se is indeed amazing, too! It is hardbound and the leaves of the book are not only made of ordinary sheets of paper but of quality paper. The pictures and the presentation at large are interesting and pleasing to the eyes, too! Well then, I could say that the book was a good buy. An almanac for a hundred pesos? There’s really no doubt that it is one of their bestsellers. I may sound that I am promoting the said book to you. Not really. But I think, I may be just so proud that I was able to spend my money but this time, a little wisely. Another thing, in my 24 years here on Earth, I have never have had an almanac. And I felt much pride that now, I am owning one. It’s as if I sound like a child, ain’t I? But I care less. What’s important is that I am happy with the book that I have now and I can even have this one kept and soon be given to my children in the future. What’s much more important on this day then was that, I  already had my loose money to buy bread that I had longed to eat and fill my hungry tummy. 🙂

When Writing Wasn’t A Piece of Cake at All!

Ever since I was young, writing had been one of my frustrations. Despite being a school paper staffer and a contestant to several essay writing and article writing contests when I was in grade school and high school, I still ended up having a flash in the pan. I still ended up frustrated.

I remembered when I joined a contest for the very first time on article writing. It was the Division Schools Press Conference in 1999. I was grade six then. I just wrote. Yes, I JUST wrote without having any intention to win. When I was announced as one of the placers in the two events that I joined, I felt blank. Maybe because I wasn’t able to appreciate fully yet the beauty of writing. After a month (I guess), we had our Regional Schools Press Conference in General Santos City in November 1999. That time, I was supposed to write much better to bag a place to represent Region XI in the National Schools Press Conference, which at that time would be held in Iloilo City. But, I messed up! I didn’t take the contest seriously. Consequently, I ended up a zilch! And my frustrations had gone wilder!

There’s another story. When I was in high school (I forgot in what year level I was then), I was chosen to be the school’s representative for an interschool essay writing contest. Though I was already sure by then that I wasn’t good at essay writing, I just gave it a shot. The theme could have been easy, but then again, I ended up a flop and brought no victory to my alma mater.

With all these writing-related-miseries that I had when I was young, I asked myself “Am I this dumb writer? Can’t I be like those famous novelists, article writers and the like? Do I still have the chance?” I kept on asking myself about such things. When would these frustrations curtail? When would I finally say that I am a good writer yet? When?