My Very First Boyfriend

(Disclaimer: He WAS just my first boyfriend! He is NOT my husband!)

I thought I was the ugliest person, well, woman in the whole world, until I met and loved my very first boyfriend.

We were just friends. Actually, I became his ‘counselor’ when a friend of mine busted him. I gave him pieces of advice, comforted him during his down moods, and accompanied him whenever he felt alone. He, on the other hand, unceasingly shared his stories, too.

When days and weeks passed, everything changed. He started to be sweeter to me – not as a friend, but as someone else. I thought it wasn’t anything. However, there was a sudden wind of change – he courted me.

It took only weeks for him to court me. Why prolong the agony? As what the adage says, “Grab the opportunity!” I might sound too desperate, but I said “Yes!” to him. We both felt that as if fireworks had exploded and illumined the night sky. I was in total bliss. From then on, I had thought that I was the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

(I wrote and shared this during our Teaching Writing Workshop this afternoon. However, there were several revisions and additions made in this write-up.)


Mama’s Day!

Me and Mama — WACKY! :p

She sleeps late, but wakes up early for us. She has fewer clothes, but washes and irons our clothes and uniforms. She eats less, but she cooks enough food for us. She hates our mess, but she cleans such mess for us. She only has one body, but she wishes that she could do many things at the same time. She is a woman, but for us, she is our mother.

Our mothers are not only our mother; they can also be our teacher, counselor, sister, or even best friend. However, if I were to say some things about my own mother, I would like to say the following about her:

1. Mama is such a nagger.

I remembered when I was young (tigulang na jud diay ko LOL), my mama used to nag especially to the three of us because we were so lazy in doing the household chores and our house was always a “Battleship” because we kept on fighting. Mama kept on raising her voice, but at the end, she would just surrender (Gahi jud mi’g ulo! Hahaha!)

2. Mama is sometimes the “antagonist” in the family.

If our family planned, for example an outing or even a simple dinner outside, my mom would readily say “No!” (Gastos daw! Hehehe!)

3. Mama is really the homemaker.

Before, despite calling our names for several times just to do this or that, she would still be the one who would do the chore. As what she always used to say “Akong sugo, akong sugot!”

4. Mama is our Master Chef.

My family, relatives, and friends could attest to how good my mom is at cooking. Her specialties are adobo and patatim. Yum!

5. Mama is our accountant.

From electric bills to water bills, she is responsible in dividing the amount to be paid by several parties (My aunt’s and uncle’s families are living with us in the same ‘apartment-type’ house.) *wink*

I know my mother is not the only aforementioned mother in the world. Maybe, your mother could also be a nagger (actually, mostly are!), the antagonist in the family, the homemaker, your Master Chef and your accountant. She may be against or in favor of us sometimes, but generally, our mothers are there for us. If I were to add another mother’s role, it would be a superhero. Just like the superheroes that we see on screen, though they are not in costume, they are ready to defend and save us to their utmost extent. They are ready to sacrifice just for our sake.

Before I would end this, let me say (or write) these words:

Mama, kabalo ko dili nimo ni mabasahan kay dili man ka naga-internet (hehe!) Ma, daghan kaayong salamat sa pagmahal nimo sa amoa. Maski mga sipat ug badlungon mi sa una (hangtod karon), love gihapon mi nimo. Sorry sa among mga nahimo nga nakapa-hurt sa imo. Hina-ot unta nga taga-an pa ka ni LORD ug better health, longer patience, and a much happier life with us. Pray lang jud ta kanunay kay Lord. Ma-grant lagi Niya ang atong mga ginapangandoy.

To our beloved Mama Leonida Prospero Anino, Happy Mother’s Day and we love you! :*

Happy Mother’s Day, mommies! 🙂