The Unexplainable Joy of Being a Fourth Year High School Teacher

Who would have thought that teaching fourth year students would be actually fun?

Before I began to teach fourth year students, I taught Grade 1 pupils. Yes, from Grade 1 to fourth year. I already expected for big adjustments in whatever or whichever should I be adjusting with – learning styles, subject matters, environment, and the learners themselves. Would I be able to adjust soon? Would I be able to give what my new students need?

Days and weeks passed by, and I was slowly coping with the adjustments. I was able to adjust a little with their learning style –  the Dynamic Learning Program or what we called the Independent Learning. I was able to adjust with the environment also. Well-adjusted so to speak! With the subject matters, I admit that they sometimes gave me headaches because to be honest, I had to study them again! My knowledge for higher level of English was already buried, so I had to exhume such knowledge again (if there’s any! Haha!) Perhaps, I couldn’t be blamed, for I had only taught the Alphabet, Common and Proper Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, and the like for three years. Grade 1 teacher, remember?

Generally, I had adjusted quite swiftly. I never thought that I would be able to adapt in a new environment well and fast. With my new set of “kids”, I might find them noisy and uncontrollable sometimes, yet they’re still far different from my grade 1 kids. Well, they should be.

I knew it had still been a month or so of being with my seniors, but I could definitely say that I had been feeling and enjoying this unexplainable joy of being a fourth year teacher.