The Long Weekend is Over!

After five consecutive days of holiday (in Davao City particularly), I could say that majority had really enjoyed the long weekend. Some stayed in the city and squeezed themselves with other spectators during the festival. Some went elsewhere. Some stayed in their homes instead. Whichever, everyone enjoyed the long weekend – in one way or another.

However, for me, it was not that super, ultra, mega fun at all. I thought my long weekend would be one of the most enjoyable long weekends ever, but it turned out to be the irony. Let’s just say, I expected too much? Yeah. I expected too much. Maybe I hated the idea of “planning things that would be turning out to be FAIL eventually!” Well, I did not have any choice but to accept the fact that the long weekend was finally over, and our plans were merely plans. Better luck next time though.

Despite the frustrations and disappointments that I had over the long weekend, somehow, I was able “to enjoy”. My husband and I spent most of the days together – sleeping, waking up late, drinking coffee, facing the net (which I did most of the time), cooking, eating, talking, and cuddling. For me, these common activities turned out be fun for us, for we were able to enjoy each other’s company. We might have not gone to the resort, where we were supposed to go for our short vacation slash honeymoon (LOL!), but we were able to spend time together at home. No expense paid. Blissful.

So in lieu of being into a sulk after my frustrations over the long weekend, happiness and blessedness overwhelmed me. I thank the Lord, for the long weekend had given me and my husband precious time and moments to relax our bodies and minds and to be with each other of course. Priceless.

Tomorrow is another day – another day to celebrate life and to celebrate the blessings that the Lord has been giving us.

Blessings everyone! 🙂


An Early Morning Brawl

Holiday, at last!

I was supposed to sleep longer and wake up later this day. I was supposed to give my body the rest that it had been longing for. I was supposed to relax my mind, my heart, and my soul from the strenuous activities that I had over the days, weeks, and months. However, all of these I-was-supposed-to stuffs were popped up like a balloon pricked by a pin. It was supposed to be a sweet and good morning for me. It was supposed to be.

I was able to wake up at 6 in the morning, yet I did not decide to get up yet. I went back to sleep, and I mesmerized the comfy feeling to be on our bed. Everything was fine until I heard screams and cries in the adjacent room. There they went again — my brother and his wife brawling.

“What an alarm clock!” I said to myself. I went to check out what was happening. Well, yeah, they were having “war”. My relatives also checked out what was happening. We just looked at each other and shook our heads because of the scenario. We still heard screams, blames, and the like, and they had irritated us already. Why were they quarreling early in the morning? Our eyes were still puffed from our deep sleep, and our hair was still as disorganized as how their things turned into! That wasn’t their first time to argue though, but every time they would have, all of us in the abode would become witnesses to their “Face to Face”. Facepalm!

I felt the pity for my brother and his wife. But more than the pity was the disappointment. I was so disappointed for many reasons (which I would not mention and enumerate anymore.) If they had some issues within themselves, they SHOULD have to keep them with themselves. I mean, their arguments should not reach to the extent of having my mother as their referee. They were supposed to be mature. They had to be mature for themselves, for their kids. Perhaps their kids could not be blamed if they would have tantrums sometimes because they could see that their parents had their own tantrums, too. Disappointing.

I knew I was not supposed to write this actually. It’s like I had something bad towards my brother and his family. It’s not that. However, I just could not contain the feeling of keeping something in my mind and my heart in this instance. I wrote this not to expose to the world how my brother and his wife had been affecting our lives whenever they had a fight, but I wrote this because I believed there was a lesson. A lesson.

Misunderstandings are normal within a family, between couples. However, despite these misunderstandings, families, or couples for this matter, must learn to value their relationship more than to dwell much on their pride and hatred. I am not saying that my relationship with my husband is perfect. We have some arguments and misunderstandings, too. But, we always see to it that we will never be overwhelmed with our anger and pride; thus, we talk and iron things out before the sun sets. I may consider myself lucky and blessed too, for my husband is one of the people in the world who has the longest patience, in spite of how mean I am to him. Even though, if trust, faith, and love were present in a family, everything would run smoothly and subtly.

As I was writing this, I could still hear my brother let out screams. I had nothing else to help him (or them) but my prayers. I pray that as soon as possible, they will fix all the things that they have to fix — like their durabox.