The Path of Nowhere

Image from (Martin J Powell, 2009)

As I walked along the path of nowhere,

There I saw a man who gave me a smile.

And as I drew myself to him nearer,

The shadow of his smiles had gone awhile.

The smiles that I saw that very night,

Had given me hope and fulfilled my dream.

I thought he would be my joy and delight,

But sorrow and pain were what they might seem.

At that moment, I felt my heart was crushed,

Breaking and falling into small pieces.

My mind got crazy; my blood ran and rushed,

And I was getting lost — lost in the traces.

The path of nowhere led me to nothing,

Except deep sorrow and real hurt feeling.


The Beauty of School Rules and Regulations

Imagine a school with no rules and regulations. Would there be order inside the school premises? Would the students be disciplined and proper in behaving inside the school? Would a school still be called a school? Rules and regulations in a school are important, for these enable discipline for students, make a school orderly, and maintain the quality of the school.

The main reason why schools have rules and regulations is to discipline students. These regulations enable students to behave well inside the school premises. Other schools (perhaps all) actually impose disciplinary actions for those who violate the rules. For example, it is one of the rules in the school not to smoke inside the campus. If someone is caught, he could be suspended from his class or even be expelled. These rules actually don’t hinder you to go on with your usual doings; they just discipline you and put your actions in a proper way.

The second reason is to make a school orderly. If schools do not have rules and regulations, would there be order? One instance is about the dress code. If a school would not impose a rule regarding proper decorum, probably students would wear outfits like spaghetti, mini-skirts, hanging blouses, sando, torn pants, slippers, etc. (for women) and short pants, sando, torn pants, slippers, etc. (for men). Students would look unpleasant and it seemed that they would not go to school but instead go somewhere else. The school administration is only thinking for the things that are better for students.

The last reason is to maintain the quality of the school. The quality of the school matters on how the rules and regulations are properly followed, too. It doesn’t matter how lengthy or plenty school rules are but how these are effectively practiced. Without these rules, education will be affected, hence, the quality, in general is mainly affected. Thus, rules and regulations are needed to maintain the quality of the school.

Many are only looking on the negative side of these rules and regulations. However, if we are only looking at the beauty of their purpose for us, we would learn to appreciate their effects for the whole students’ population and the school in general. Thus, these rules are essential for without these, would you become a person who you wanted to be?

(This was one of my pieces in my English 18A <Creative and Essay Writing> project way back in college.)

I Love You… Goodbye…

            It was a cold night when the hushes of the wind kissed my cheeks and the blanket of stars covered the heavens. I was then all alone. I was sitting at our terrace while looking at the glittering stars up there. I was trying to ease the pain I felt inside, for prior to that night, I found out that my boyfriend left me for another girl. As I watched the stars, it seemed that their sparkles slowly defy. And as I tried to embrace myself to keep myself warn, still it was of no use, for the coldness of the night penetrated my loneliness.

I was still burdened – trapped inside the corners of sorrow and locked within the bitterness of the tears.

I was still burdened – trapped inside the corners of sorrow and locked within the bitterness of the tears.

            I sat there for about an hour – just sitting and reminiscing the sweet yesterdays of our relationship. I remembered the day when he courted me. His sweetness, care, thoughtfulness, everything – they just made me float with happiness. I also remembered when I said “Yes” to him. He was so happy that time. The moments when we used to go home together, eat our meals together, and sing together made me smile for a while. I even giggled when I remembered those hugs he gave me that kept me warm and also those unforgettable kisses that made me touch my lips that night. Indeed, they were so memorable.

            But, all of those memories were already buried in my past. Those were already parts of my past that have molded me into a mature person. I actually did not realize that tears were already running on my cheeks. I was hurt. Those memories only made me hurt more. I was about to forget them, but it was not that easy. To think that this guy was my first boyfriend, yet all of a sudden, he left me without even saying goodbye. I felt that the whole world hated me. It seemed that the heaven and the earth covered me. I carried a heavy load in my heart. And, I did not know when and how would I be able to unload these burdens. When? How?

            Three hours had past, but still, I was sitting at our terrace. As the minutes passed by, the wind turned colder and colder and the stars were slowly disappearing. Thick clouds abruptly covered the earth. Few minutes later, the rain fell. My body wanted me to go inside, for the rain would make me wet of course. But, my heart told me to stay. I was still burdened – trapped inside the corners of sorrow and locked within the bitterness of the tears. My body was all wet. Still, the wind tried to threaten me with its coldness, but my heart already surpassed the coldness of the wind that tried to invade me. My heart turned cold, very cold. I felt that at that point, my emotions were gone. I tried to survive the pain that the situation brought me. However, it gave me a hint to close my doors whenever someone comes into my life again. I won’t love again. I don’t want to be hurt again. I won’t let somebody hurt me the way that guy hurt me. No more chances. No more lies. It’s done. It’s over.

            It was already eight in the morning when I found myself inside my room, lying on my bed. How did I get here? Who brought me here? Questions kept running in my mind when my phone rang. When I answered the phone, talked to the person on the next line, and listened to what he said, I suddenly lost my grasp on the phone I was holding. Tears immediately ran down on my cheeks again. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t even scream. My feet were stuck to the place where I stood. My knees were trembling. My hands were shaking. What I only did was to cry. Once again, I cried. When I turned my head around my room, looking for nothing, a sheet of pink paper caught my attention. At that moment, I was able to move my feet towards the place where the paper was put. When I opened it, I read what was written.


            You know how much I love you. You completed my life. You made me happy. You became my “everything”. I felt so guilty when I did not tell you about my condition. I am so sorry. It’s not my intention to hurt you. I just don’t want to hurt you totally. That’s why, I told someone to tell you that I have someone else. At least, anger would fill your heart instead of pity. But, I did the wrong thing. I’m so sorry, my love. I am so sorry. I had been suffering from this pain since I was 10. But, my end had finally come. Last night, you were all wet. You might be wondering what happened and who brought you here? I brought you inside for you not to be very wet. Fortunately, your mother knocked on the door and she changed your clothes. Please don’t put yourself in harm. No matter what, I still love you. Take care, honey. I love you.

             At that moment, I was more hurt. Why was it happening to me? Why me? Why now? Do I really have to feel this? Do I deserve this? I just found myself kneeling on the floor, sobbing while covering my face. Tears did not stop to fall. My heart beat so fast. I had no else to blame. All I have to do is to accept the situation. It was God’s will. I know he was already there in the kingdom of everlasting love and happiness. I should be happy for him. It would not be that easy, but in the long run, I would still be able to live in a peaceful and happy life.

The Last Homeroom

My Wednesday morning did not turn out to be right. I woke up late, prepared my things late, and the worst, I arrived 3 minutes late in school because of the taxi driver (who didn’t have change for my 100 pesos!) I thought it was totally a BV morning for me until I entered the classroom.

It was our last Homeroom class. I actually thought of much more exciting activities, but given 20 minutes for our Homeroom period, I was sure that 20 minutes wouldn’t be enough. Besides, our class would have still met before the school year ends.

When I entered the classroom, several students were already there. Well, others were still late. I led the class in prayer, and after that, I told them about the activity.



                                     I will miss you because…

 They wrote their names at the topmost part of their sheet. Then, below their names, they wrote, “I will miss you because…” I even told them that the activity was yeah, cheesy, but I assured them that they would have fun writing on their classmates’ sheets.

And, they surely had.

"I miss you because..."

“I will miss you because…”

The students already started writing. I heard compliments, jokes, and laughter. The activity somehow turned out to be well and fun, I believe. Seeing them move from one student to another to write their reasons why they will miss their classmates, I turned out to be a little sentimental. Yes, they are graduating soon. No. Very soon. I just kept on observing my kids, taking pictures of them, laughing with them, and telling them to carry on.

Sharing time!

Sharing time!

After a few minutes, I told them to stop. They returned to their seats and removed the sheets from their backs. I then called them one by one to read in front of the class what their classmates had written. Some were pleasant. Some were comical. But, the bottom line was, regardless the reason, they would miss their classmates. I would miss them, too.

A student posts her "I will miss you because..." sheet in her cubicle. :)

A student posts her “I will miss you because…” sheet in her cubicle. 🙂

To my Honesty students, thank you for making my first year of teaching in Davao Christian High School worthwhile. My shed tears, cracked jokes, shared laughter, and everything with you would be all memorable. I know I haven’t been a perfect teacher and adviser to you, but I have tried my very best to be at least, a friend to you. I won’t bid goodbye to you yet because I am sure that we will still see and meet each other soon. I just hope you will never forget where you have come from. Stay thankful and blessed. And, continue to be amazed by God’s grace. God bless you, my Honestisia babies! I love you all! :*

Practical Parenting Seminar

“You are on a boat with your husband/wife and your child and it starts to sink. But, you can only save one person. Who would you save?”

As this question was asked to us before the talk had proceeded, at the back of my mind, I answered, “I would save my husband.”

The choice that we had as answers to the said question led us to this realization: “Wrong priority in life means wrong living.” It doesn’t mean that if you prioritize your husband/wife more than your kids, or the other way around, it is already wrong. It just means that if we prioritize too much on someone, which tends to forgetting another one, then that leads to wrong priorities.

The statement above is just one of the remarkable points that I learned from the FREE seminar that I attended at Davao Christian High School – Function Hall last February 9, 2013, Saturday. Practical Parenting Seminar – this seminar was organized by the Parents Teachers Fellowship (SY 2012-2013) of the Davao Christian High School. This was attended not only by parents, but also by grandparents, teachers, guardians, and even single individuals. Aside from that, non-DCHS parents were also invited to the said seminar.

The speaker of the said seminar was none other than Mr. Francis J. Kong. For those who know him and for those who had attended the seminar last Saturday, we were so blessed to have attended a FREE seminar with Mr. Kong as the resource person.

The resource person of the Practical Parenting Seminar held at Davao Christian High School -- Mr. Francis J. Kong

The resource person of the Practical Parenting Seminar held at Davao Christian High School — Mr. Francis J. Kong

The seminar lasted for almost two hours. Despite how brief that seminar had been, there were already an array of learning and lessons that was shared to us. Aside from the statement mentioned at the first part of this text, I would like to share the following points that I had taken down into my notebook, and of course, that I had learned. 🙂

–          Love is giving, serving, providing the best for the object of the recipient.

–          Insanity is hereditary. You get them from your children! (LOL)

–          God is in control! 🙂

–          The mark of stupidity complicates the simple.

–          Parents/Families have forgotten to teach children Biblical values. Don’t blame the media.

–          The secret to success is STILL discipline.

–          Parenting is a nonstop adventure.

–          The ability to delay gratification, or in other words self-discipline, is the key to success.

–          Fathers should talk to sons about sex; mothers should talk to daughters about sex. Don’t wait for the time that your children will ask about it to other people, worse, to WRONG people.

–          Parents make mistakes. Say “I am sorry”, not “It’s your fault!”

–          Management is about control. Leadership is about influence.

–          Only rewarded actions are repeated.

–          We are all walking bank account in terms of emotional currency.

–          Skills agility, not the school where you came from, matters most. After three months, people will just have forgotten from what school you have graduated.

–           Teach your kids to love God more than they love you.

Giving of Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Francis Kong (L-R: Mrs. Jocy So-Yeung, Principal, Mrs. Yvonne Cabada, PTF President, Ms. Franelli Pableo, School Directress, and Mr. Francis J. Kong, Speaker

Reading the citation and Giving of the Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Francis J. Kong
(L-R: Mrs. Jocy So-Yeung, Principal, Mrs. Yvonne Cabada, PTF President, Ms. Franelli Pableo, School Directress, and Mr. Francis J. Kong, Speaker

As Mr. Kong was about to end his talk, he shared, “The most important thing apart from loving kids is loving their mother.” He explained, “When kids grow up, they will eventually leave their parents and build their own families.” And, to end, he jokingly said, “That is why, we (parents) must love our spouses even if we have no choice!”

Hahaha! Truly, that was an informative and FUN seminar!