My 2014 Resolutions?

It has been months of hiatus since my last post, and as a comeback, I think it would be great if I start the new year right by writing one post. And since it is already 2014, I would might as well enumerate my cliche new year’s resolutions.

1. I have to lose weight. Before I got married, I could remember that I weighed 55 kgs. That was two years ago though. Now, I’m sure that I already weigh 75-78 kgs (the last time I weighed, I was 74 kgs). So for 2014, my goal is to lose weight. Not because, I want to, but  because I have to. I need to. There are nights that I have to catch my breath. I mean, seriously. And because of my obesity, I can’t bear a baby yet. So losing weight is not only for me to look good (again), but also for me to be healthy.

2. No soda, no junk foods, less sweets. Two years ago, (yeah, before I got married), I really imposed discipline to myself: I drank no soda; I ate no junk foods, and I took less sweets. I did these things to make my body slimmer. Did. This 2014, I want to do what I already used to do. I actually tried not to drink soda and eat junk food last year, but I always got tempted whenever they were before my eyes. And with the sweets? Hehehe!

3. I will spend LESS time surfing the net (FB) and playing Candy Crush. I admit. This new year’s resolution is one of the most difficult resolutions for me. I could say getting away with this hobby that I almost always do is tantamount to smoking that has to be stopped right then and there. This will surely take time. And discipline. Much discipline. I’m keeping my fingers crossed though. (What level am I now in Candy Crush?)

4. I will be a good wife to my husband. Please don’t get me wrong. MY HUSBAND IS NOT UNDER THE SAYA (henpecked). It’s just that he has loooooooooooooooooong patience and wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide understanding whenever I have my tantrums. I’m so blessed to have a husband like him, but is he blessed to have a wife like me? It’s something for me to ponder on.

5. I will NOT procrastinate and cram. My new year’s resolution for ages! Masters assignments, school works, etc. I know I can still work well if the deadline is almost near, but wouldn’t it be much better if I work on something days or weeks ahead the deadline? But actually, as of writing this, I have already procrastinated. Facepalm!

6. I will save money. I actually did this last year, and I could say that I was quite successful. Quite, because there were some instances wherein my savings had to be used for emergency purposes. Nonetheless, I will still continue saving this year. Leggo!

7. I will refrain from buying impulsively. Nice shirt! Awesome book! Yummy food! Cute Winnie the Pooh stuff! Oops! I think I have to control myself from buying things that I actually don’t need at all.

8. I will be more hardworking. To be honest, I have been slacking off recently. Maybe my weight can be a culprit. Regardless though, I have to be more hardworking at home, with my studies, and at work, or I will regret. 😉

9. I and my husband will keep our house clean and organized. It’s a good thing though that on New Year’s Eve, I and my husband had our general cleaning. Now, our little abode is way much, much better than how it was before. Well, we will just have to maintain the cleanliness of our home.

10. I will read and write more. Thanks to my husband, I was able to awaken the bookworm in me years ago. However, I am not that consistent in reading thick novels. So hopefully this year, I will be able to read books again. To add, I also hope that I will be able to write more posts this year.

It’s still the fourth of January, so I still have 361 days to do these resolutions. There may be instances that will surely make me deviate from these resolutions, yet I will try my very best to follow them. With discipline, I can! Good luck to me and to everyone who has set his/her new year’s resolutions! Happy new year!


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