Last week was one of the busiest weeks in my existence. I was bombarded with a mountain of papers, a queue of deadlines, and a reservoir of things-to-do. Despite these, I was still able to sneak out and log on to one of my favorite social networking sites: Twitter.

It was March 2, Saturday (a day after my birthday). I paused for a while from checking my students’ quizzes and signed in to twitter. It would really be my habit to scroll down and down my timeline to check the tweets of those whom I had been following. Suddenly, a certain tweet struck me so much. She tweeted one, foul, Bisaya word. Because of my astonishment, I replied, “What??” Few minutes later, I wondered why my “following” and “followers” were decreased by one. I even tweeted, “Did someone deactivate his/her account or just block me? :o”

After that tweet, I just ignored everything. I continued checking some papers and watched the UAAP Volleyball Finals on TV. But, when I was trying to figure out who deactivated his/her account or who blocked me, a sudden intuition came in my mind. So, I went to her profile, checked her tweets, and then I realized she had just blocked me. She even had some series of tweets saying that she blocked me, etc. Because of what I found out, I tweeted,


That short incident has brought me to a great shock! Actually, whenever I remember what she did, I just can’t help but feel a little upset about it. I’m not furious because I lost a follower, not that. But, I feel that rage because imagine, a Grade 4 girl uttered such nasty word online? Questions were rushing in my mind whenever I think about it. Does she know what she was saying? Does she feel proud that she is saying such words? Do her parents know about what she has been saying online? Does her family know about her actions or speech? I don’t know. I really don’t know. But, I, as a teacher, feel so sad for her. Even if she has never been my pupil in my previous workplace, I know her. She is talented, confident, and intelligent. She is actually an honor student. The fact that she is known due to her talents and intelligence dismays me. A lot. Call me overacting, but I really hate people, especially YOUNG people who keep on cursing. I admit though that I am not perfect. I sometimes utter something defiling; however, I am trying my very best not to say anything obnoxious anymore. Besides, as far as I could remember, when I was a child, even saying the word ‘crazy’ in vernacular was like a mortal sin! Maybe, that tweet was one of the best examples of the saying “Language evolves.” *Sigh!*

They say that Twitter or any social networking site is a person’s outlet of his or her happiness, excitement, sadness, and/or anger.  In spite of, I hope that people will be responsible enough with whatever they do or say (or tweet for that matter). I know there is Freedom of Expression, too. However, are we still expressing such freedom as how it is supposed to be expressed? I’m not cleaning my hands here nor pinpointing someone else’s doings. It is just that we have to be extra careful with our words and actions. If others would find you corny if you say good words, disregard them. It’s not your loss if they treat you that way. Besides, we are here on earth not to please anyone. We are to please and praise God.

Matthew 15:18 (http://pinterest.com/pin/274860383479171211/)


Practical Parenting Seminar

“You are on a boat with your husband/wife and your child and it starts to sink. But, you can only save one person. Who would you save?”

As this question was asked to us before the talk had proceeded, at the back of my mind, I answered, “I would save my husband.”

The choice that we had as answers to the said question led us to this realization: “Wrong priority in life means wrong living.” It doesn’t mean that if you prioritize your husband/wife more than your kids, or the other way around, it is already wrong. It just means that if we prioritize too much on someone, which tends to forgetting another one, then that leads to wrong priorities.

The statement above is just one of the remarkable points that I learned from the FREE seminar that I attended at Davao Christian High School – Function Hall last February 9, 2013, Saturday. Practical Parenting Seminar – this seminar was organized by the Parents Teachers Fellowship (SY 2012-2013) of the Davao Christian High School. This was attended not only by parents, but also by grandparents, teachers, guardians, and even single individuals. Aside from that, non-DCHS parents were also invited to the said seminar.

The speaker of the said seminar was none other than Mr. Francis J. Kong. For those who know him and for those who had attended the seminar last Saturday, we were so blessed to have attended a FREE seminar with Mr. Kong as the resource person.

The resource person of the Practical Parenting Seminar held at Davao Christian High School -- Mr. Francis J. Kong

The resource person of the Practical Parenting Seminar held at Davao Christian High School — Mr. Francis J. Kong

The seminar lasted for almost two hours. Despite how brief that seminar had been, there were already an array of learning and lessons that was shared to us. Aside from the statement mentioned at the first part of this text, I would like to share the following points that I had taken down into my notebook, and of course, that I had learned. 🙂

–          Love is giving, serving, providing the best for the object of the recipient.

–          Insanity is hereditary. You get them from your children! (LOL)

–          God is in control! 🙂

–          The mark of stupidity complicates the simple.

–          Parents/Families have forgotten to teach children Biblical values. Don’t blame the media.

–          The secret to success is STILL discipline.

–          Parenting is a nonstop adventure.

–          The ability to delay gratification, or in other words self-discipline, is the key to success.

–          Fathers should talk to sons about sex; mothers should talk to daughters about sex. Don’t wait for the time that your children will ask about it to other people, worse, to WRONG people.

–          Parents make mistakes. Say “I am sorry”, not “It’s your fault!”

–          Management is about control. Leadership is about influence.

–          Only rewarded actions are repeated.

–          We are all walking bank account in terms of emotional currency.

–          Skills agility, not the school where you came from, matters most. After three months, people will just have forgotten from what school you have graduated.

–           Teach your kids to love God more than they love you.

Giving of Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Francis Kong (L-R: Mrs. Jocy So-Yeung, Principal, Mrs. Yvonne Cabada, PTF President, Ms. Franelli Pableo, School Directress, and Mr. Francis J. Kong, Speaker

Reading the citation and Giving of the Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Francis J. Kong
(L-R: Mrs. Jocy So-Yeung, Principal, Mrs. Yvonne Cabada, PTF President, Ms. Franelli Pableo, School Directress, and Mr. Francis J. Kong, Speaker

As Mr. Kong was about to end his talk, he shared, “The most important thing apart from loving kids is loving their mother.” He explained, “When kids grow up, they will eventually leave their parents and build their own families.” And, to end, he jokingly said, “That is why, we (parents) must love our spouses even if we have no choice!”

Hahaha! Truly, that was an informative and FUN seminar!

It’s RUDYLEN! :)

Rudelyn, Rodelyn, or Rhudelyn? Well, NONE of the above.

My name is often misspelled—way back when I was in grade school until now. I don’t know what is with my name that it gets misspelled often. I am Rudylen, so it is R-U-D-Y-L-E-N.

My name is…

To be honest, there were times that I tend to dislike my name. When I was still in my elementary years, whenever I was asked about my name, sometimes, I found it difficult to pronounce my name. I could not even give them my nickname because my nickname was “Lyn-Lyn”, and that was how my neighbors called me. That nickname, too, for me, was not good to listen to. It sounded childish (for me). Going back to my name, I really had a hard time enunciating my name before. I was not sure how it was supposed to be pronounced because even at home, my parents would not call me with such name. They called me (and even still call me) “Ate” because I’m the eldest child and the only daughter. So, I was extremely puzzled with my name and its pronunciation.

Until I reached Grade Six. I could vividly remember how my Grade 6 English teacher had difficulty in saying my name. It was English time when our English teacher called me for an oral recitation. She had a hard time pronouncing my name. After several tries of saying my name, finally, she said “Rudylen” (roo-di-len). By that time, I used that pronunciation for my name. LOL 😀

By the way, you might wonder why I was named Rudylen. Simple. Because my father’s name is Rudy. But, no. My mother’s name is not Len, OK? They only added “Len” to my name, so it would be meant for a girl. I know you might find this funny. Don’t worry. I found it funny, too.

What if I were given the chance to change my name, would I? Before, I would really say a big YES! I even used to scribble down pretty names on a paper or in my notebook before. However, now, despite how peculiar my name is, it is still my name. I was born as Rudylen. I was baptized as Rudylen. I was known as Rudylen. Though I have been known also with my other names—like Ate, LenLyn-Lyn, or Rhudz—these names are above all from my real name: Rudylen.

So, it’s Rudylen. No other else. 🙂

The Long Weekend is Over!

After five consecutive days of holiday (in Davao City particularly), I could say that majority had really enjoyed the long weekend. Some stayed in the city and squeezed themselves with other spectators during the festival. Some went elsewhere. Some stayed in their homes instead. Whichever, everyone enjoyed the long weekend – in one way or another.

However, for me, it was not that super, ultra, mega fun at all. I thought my long weekend would be one of the most enjoyable long weekends ever, but it turned out to be the irony. Let’s just say, I expected too much? Yeah. I expected too much. Maybe I hated the idea of “planning things that would be turning out to be FAIL eventually!” Well, I did not have any choice but to accept the fact that the long weekend was finally over, and our plans were merely plans. Better luck next time though.

Despite the frustrations and disappointments that I had over the long weekend, somehow, I was able “to enjoy”. My husband and I spent most of the days together – sleeping, waking up late, drinking coffee, facing the net (which I did most of the time), cooking, eating, talking, and cuddling. For me, these common activities turned out be fun for us, for we were able to enjoy each other’s company. We might have not gone to the resort, where we were supposed to go for our short vacation slash honeymoon (LOL!), but we were able to spend time together at home. No expense paid. Blissful.

So in lieu of being into a sulk after my frustrations over the long weekend, happiness and blessedness overwhelmed me. I thank the Lord, for the long weekend had given me and my husband precious time and moments to relax our bodies and minds and to be with each other of course. Priceless.

Tomorrow is another day – another day to celebrate life and to celebrate the blessings that the Lord has been giving us.

Blessings everyone! 🙂

An Early Morning Brawl

Holiday, at last!

I was supposed to sleep longer and wake up later this day. I was supposed to give my body the rest that it had been longing for. I was supposed to relax my mind, my heart, and my soul from the strenuous activities that I had over the days, weeks, and months. However, all of these I-was-supposed-to stuffs were popped up like a balloon pricked by a pin. It was supposed to be a sweet and good morning for me. It was supposed to be.

I was able to wake up at 6 in the morning, yet I did not decide to get up yet. I went back to sleep, and I mesmerized the comfy feeling to be on our bed. Everything was fine until I heard screams and cries in the adjacent room. There they went again — my brother and his wife brawling.

“What an alarm clock!” I said to myself. I went to check out what was happening. Well, yeah, they were having “war”. My relatives also checked out what was happening. We just looked at each other and shook our heads because of the scenario. We still heard screams, blames, and the like, and they had irritated us already. Why were they quarreling early in the morning? Our eyes were still puffed from our deep sleep, and our hair was still as disorganized as how their things turned into! That wasn’t their first time to argue though, but every time they would have, all of us in the abode would become witnesses to their “Face to Face”. Facepalm!

I felt the pity for my brother and his wife. But more than the pity was the disappointment. I was so disappointed for many reasons (which I would not mention and enumerate anymore.) If they had some issues within themselves, they SHOULD have to keep them with themselves. I mean, their arguments should not reach to the extent of having my mother as their referee. They were supposed to be mature. They had to be mature for themselves, for their kids. Perhaps their kids could not be blamed if they would have tantrums sometimes because they could see that their parents had their own tantrums, too. Disappointing.

I knew I was not supposed to write this actually. It’s like I had something bad towards my brother and his family. It’s not that. However, I just could not contain the feeling of keeping something in my mind and my heart in this instance. I wrote this not to expose to the world how my brother and his wife had been affecting our lives whenever they had a fight, but I wrote this because I believed there was a lesson. A lesson.

Misunderstandings are normal within a family, between couples. However, despite these misunderstandings, families, or couples for this matter, must learn to value their relationship more than to dwell much on their pride and hatred. I am not saying that my relationship with my husband is perfect. We have some arguments and misunderstandings, too. But, we always see to it that we will never be overwhelmed with our anger and pride; thus, we talk and iron things out before the sun sets. I may consider myself lucky and blessed too, for my husband is one of the people in the world who has the longest patience, in spite of how mean I am to him. Even though, if trust, faith, and love were present in a family, everything would run smoothly and subtly.

As I was writing this, I could still hear my brother let out screams. I had nothing else to help him (or them) but my prayers. I pray that as soon as possible, they will fix all the things that they have to fix — like their durabox.

Mama’s Day!

Me and Mama — WACKY! :p

She sleeps late, but wakes up early for us. She has fewer clothes, but washes and irons our clothes and uniforms. She eats less, but she cooks enough food for us. She hates our mess, but she cleans such mess for us. She only has one body, but she wishes that she could do many things at the same time. She is a woman, but for us, she is our mother.

Our mothers are not only our mother; they can also be our teacher, counselor, sister, or even best friend. However, if I were to say some things about my own mother, I would like to say the following about her:

1. Mama is such a nagger.

I remembered when I was young (tigulang na jud diay ko LOL), my mama used to nag especially to the three of us because we were so lazy in doing the household chores and our house was always a “Battleship” because we kept on fighting. Mama kept on raising her voice, but at the end, she would just surrender (Gahi jud mi’g ulo! Hahaha!)

2. Mama is sometimes the “antagonist” in the family.

If our family planned, for example an outing or even a simple dinner outside, my mom would readily say “No!” (Gastos daw! Hehehe!)

3. Mama is really the homemaker.

Before, despite calling our names for several times just to do this or that, she would still be the one who would do the chore. As what she always used to say “Akong sugo, akong sugot!”

4. Mama is our Master Chef.

My family, relatives, and friends could attest to how good my mom is at cooking. Her specialties are adobo and patatim. Yum!

5. Mama is our accountant.

From electric bills to water bills, she is responsible in dividing the amount to be paid by several parties (My aunt’s and uncle’s families are living with us in the same ‘apartment-type’ house.) *wink*

I know my mother is not the only aforementioned mother in the world. Maybe, your mother could also be a nagger (actually, mostly are!), the antagonist in the family, the homemaker, your Master Chef and your accountant. She may be against or in favor of us sometimes, but generally, our mothers are there for us. If I were to add another mother’s role, it would be a superhero. Just like the superheroes that we see on screen, though they are not in costume, they are ready to defend and save us to their utmost extent. They are ready to sacrifice just for our sake.

Before I would end this, let me say (or write) these words:

Mama, kabalo ko dili nimo ni mabasahan kay dili man ka naga-internet (hehe!) Ma, daghan kaayong salamat sa pagmahal nimo sa amoa. Maski mga sipat ug badlungon mi sa una (hangtod karon), love gihapon mi nimo. Sorry sa among mga nahimo nga nakapa-hurt sa imo. Hina-ot unta nga taga-an pa ka ni LORD ug better health, longer patience, and a much happier life with us. Pray lang jud ta kanunay kay Lord. Ma-grant lagi Niya ang atong mga ginapangandoy.

To our beloved Mama Leonida Prospero Anino, Happy Mother’s Day and we love you! :*

Happy Mother’s Day, mommies! 🙂