Words of Thanks to My DCHS Family

(Disclaimer: Someone told me that I might give a thank you message during the thanksgiving ceremony. So, on the day of the thanksgiving ceremony itself, actually during the general meeting, I hurriedly wrote this thinking that I would really give a message. However, there was no giving of message; instead, I blogged it. This is unedited, so forgive the grammar lapses.)

A year ago, I was here before you, giving my testimony about how thankful I was to be part of the Davao Christian High School family, that I was already “home.” A year (or so) after, I’m here again, giving another testimony about how thankful I am to be part of the DCHS family, but this time, I am already leaving home.

It’s undeniable that DCHS has become one of my second homes. It wasn’t that difficult adjusting here maybe because I’ve already met some of you during the Inter-Chi volleyball competitions. The school itself isn’t unfamiliar to me anymore, too, for I was able to join seminars where the venue was here. Generally, DCHS and I have made a bond easily and smoothly. With that, I would like to thank DCHS and the people who have become a wonderful part of my life.

To my English area family, thank you for the fun moments especially during our outing at Lake Sebu and Gumasa. Thank you for unceasingly teaching and guiding me with my lessons, activities, etc. To Ma’am Katya, my ever loving, supportive, and encouraging subject area coordinator, thank you, Ma’am. I will surely miss how you’ve been constantly appreciating and believing in me, not only as a teacher but also as a person.

To my volleybelles, thank you for the super duper fun times from playing to eating. Thank you because even if we often lost, we still had fun. Don’t worry. I will not apply in any DACS school, so I will not become your opponent in the Mother Assumpta Cup. I will miss you all and the free jersey! :))

To my high school family, thank you for the (insert adjectives) memories that we’ve had. I’ve learned different things from each of you, and I truly appreciate the times that despite the stresses, we still find time to laugh and have fun. I will miss how we become so “seriously fun!”

To my fellow 4th year teachers, thank you. Thank you for the support, patience, and understanding. Being the youngest (ehem2x), I am so happy to have kuyas, ates, and tatay in the 4th year family. I will surely miss your brilliance and enthusiasm.

To the guidance people, Mayor, Mymy, Ma’am Sashi, Amielle, plus PGen, thank you for adopting me during lunch time. 😀 Thank you for listening to my dramas and to my jokes (if I had). Thank you also for the stories that you’ve shared with me. Never worry. My lips are sealed and I value confidentiality.

To my travel mates, thank you for the bond and fun! Looking forward to more travels with you! Please text me! :))

To Ma’am Frane, thank you for the opportunity of sending me to the K to 12 training in Baguio. Thank you. I’m sorry if I had not become the teacher that everyone expected me to be, but rest assured that I love and care for my students for them to become ‘independent learners,’ and to the extent that my husband gets jealous whenever I keep on buying prizes for the kids. Still, thank you so much, Ma’am.

To the most awesome and loving principal, Ma’am Jocy, a big, big thanks to you. You just don’t know how you’ve inspired me and all of us to be excellent teachers. Thank you for the birthday notes, for the counsel, for the LOVE, for everything. You’ve indeed touched my life, Ma’am, and you are one of the people whom I will miss a LOT! I know it’s difficult to find another Ma’am Jocy in other institutions, but I pray that I could meet a leader who is enthusiastic and supportive as you. I love you, Ma’am.

To everyone who has become part of my life in one way or another, thank you. Though, to be honest, I don’t know some of you personally, I still thank you because you know me. :))

Some of you are surely confused why I would be leaving. One of the reasons I’m leaving is that I’m applying in public. My husband has recently been accepted as a public school teacher, and he has encouraged me to apply in the public school. Yes, it takes months to be in the public, but as what I’ve informed others, “While waiting, baby making!” Please pray for me and for us. 😉

Two years of stay here in DCHS may be so short, but for me, it’s like I’ve already been here for a long time because I was able to adapt well easily. I may be leaving DCHS, but my love for the school and the people will be staying here forever. We never know, I might come back here soon, or maybe there in Ma-a. We never know. Only God knows.

Thank you and good noon.


The Last Homeroom

My Wednesday morning did not turn out to be right. I woke up late, prepared my things late, and the worst, I arrived 3 minutes late in school because of the taxi driver (who didn’t have change for my 100 pesos!) I thought it was totally a BV morning for me until I entered the classroom.

It was our last Homeroom class. I actually thought of much more exciting activities, but given 20 minutes for our Homeroom period, I was sure that 20 minutes wouldn’t be enough. Besides, our class would have still met before the school year ends.

When I entered the classroom, several students were already there. Well, others were still late. I led the class in prayer, and after that, I told them about the activity.



                                     I will miss you because…

 They wrote their names at the topmost part of their sheet. Then, below their names, they wrote, “I will miss you because…” I even told them that the activity was yeah, cheesy, but I assured them that they would have fun writing on their classmates’ sheets.

And, they surely had.

"I miss you because..."

“I will miss you because…”

The students already started writing. I heard compliments, jokes, and laughter. The activity somehow turned out to be well and fun, I believe. Seeing them move from one student to another to write their reasons why they will miss their classmates, I turned out to be a little sentimental. Yes, they are graduating soon. No. Very soon. I just kept on observing my kids, taking pictures of them, laughing with them, and telling them to carry on.

Sharing time!

Sharing time!

After a few minutes, I told them to stop. They returned to their seats and removed the sheets from their backs. I then called them one by one to read in front of the class what their classmates had written. Some were pleasant. Some were comical. But, the bottom line was, regardless the reason, they would miss their classmates. I would miss them, too.

A student posts her "I will miss you because..." sheet in her cubicle. :)

A student posts her “I will miss you because…” sheet in her cubicle. 🙂

To my Honesty students, thank you for making my first year of teaching in Davao Christian High School worthwhile. My shed tears, cracked jokes, shared laughter, and everything with you would be all memorable. I know I haven’t been a perfect teacher and adviser to you, but I have tried my very best to be at least, a friend to you. I won’t bid goodbye to you yet because I am sure that we will still see and meet each other soon. I just hope you will never forget where you have come from. Stay thankful and blessed. And, continue to be amazed by God’s grace. God bless you, my Honestisia babies! I love you all! :*

The Unexplainable Joy of Being a Fourth Year High School Teacher

Who would have thought that teaching fourth year students would be actually fun?

Before I began to teach fourth year students, I taught Grade 1 pupils. Yes, from Grade 1 to fourth year. I already expected for big adjustments in whatever or whichever should I be adjusting with – learning styles, subject matters, environment, and the learners themselves. Would I be able to adjust soon? Would I be able to give what my new students need?

Days and weeks passed by, and I was slowly coping with the adjustments. I was able to adjust a little with their learning style –  the Dynamic Learning Program or what we called the Independent Learning. I was able to adjust with the environment also. Well-adjusted so to speak! With the subject matters, I admit that they sometimes gave me headaches because to be honest, I had to study them again! My knowledge for higher level of English was already buried, so I had to exhume such knowledge again (if there’s any! Haha!) Perhaps, I couldn’t be blamed, for I had only taught the Alphabet, Common and Proper Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, and the like for three years. Grade 1 teacher, remember?

Generally, I had adjusted quite swiftly. I never thought that I would be able to adapt in a new environment well and fast. With my new set of “kids”, I might find them noisy and uncontrollable sometimes, yet they’re still far different from my grade 1 kids. Well, they should be.

I knew it had still been a month or so of being with my seniors, but I could definitely say that I had been feeling and enjoying this unexplainable joy of being a fourth year teacher.


It was my vacant period this morning when I was starving. So, I decided to go to the cafeteria to buy something to eat. I was supposed to buy bread, but when I asked the lady if they had change for 500, she hesitated. I felt sad. I had to eat (hahaha!) So, I thought of going to SMEMCO (a coop in school for the teachers and staff) to pay for my load credit, but suddenly, my attention and direction were caught by a mini-fair in the free area. A mini-fair of BOOKS!

From story books to inspirational books, from puzzle books to general information books, I could say that the fair wasn’t a waste of time and money at all. The fair had started since Monday and obviously, kids went frantic over the books and other items like ballpens of various designs, stickers, and the like that they were selling. Even teachers never failed to drop by the fair and several teachers even purchased some books. And I myself was one of these several teachers. So, what book did I buy? An almanac.

For only Php 100.00 (yes, Php 100.00), I was able to buy a book entitled “Know It All” (Igloo Books Ltd, 2007). It is like an almanac. Perhaps, it’s really an almanac. As what its cover says, it is “The ultimate guide to absolutely everything and more with over 2,000 facts!” When I flipped some of its pages, all I could say was “Wow!” History, Arts and Entertainment, Natural World, People, Places, Science and Technology, Solar System, Body – they’re there! The book per se is indeed amazing, too! It is hardbound and the leaves of the book are not only made of ordinary sheets of paper but of quality paper. The pictures and the presentation at large are interesting and pleasing to the eyes, too! Well then, I could say that the book was a good buy. An almanac for a hundred pesos? There’s really no doubt that it is one of their bestsellers. I may sound that I am promoting the said book to you. Not really. But I think, I may be just so proud that I was able to spend my money but this time, a little wisely. Another thing, in my 24 years here on Earth, I have never have had an almanac. And I felt much pride that now, I am owning one. It’s as if I sound like a child, ain’t I? But I care less. What’s important is that I am happy with the book that I have now and I can even have this one kept and soon be given to my children in the future. What’s much more important on this day then was that, I  already had my loose money to buy bread that I had longed to eat and fill my hungry tummy. 🙂