Our Simple Earth Hour (Celebration)

Lights off.

At 8:30 in the evening, I already switched off the lights in our house. Though not all appliances were turned off, I could say that we already did a ‘great’ part with simply turning the lights off even within just an hour.


Yes. This would emit CO2. But, sorry. We wouldn’t want to take our dinner in total darkness! :>

Honestly, today was our first time to join this Earth Hour. I mean, to do the turning off of lights for an hour together with the world.  Although we did not turn off everything, for me, it was a fantastic experience to have joined this momentous event. Sorry. Next time, I will try my best to convince my husband for us to turn off everything (he was complaining because the fan was turned off, too.) Nonetheless, I was so thankful that my husband and I made our part to save energy and to save the world.

Let’s continue to make Mother Earth happy! Continue saving her! :>