My Very First Boyfriend

(Disclaimer: He WAS just my first boyfriend! He is NOT my husband!)

I thought I was the ugliest person, well, woman in the whole world, until I met and loved my very first boyfriend.

We were just friends. Actually, I became his ‘counselor’ when a friend of mine busted him. I gave him pieces of advice, comforted him during his down moods, and accompanied him whenever he felt alone. He, on the other hand, unceasingly shared his stories, too.

When days and weeks passed, everything changed. He started to be sweeter to me – not as a friend, but as someone else. I thought it wasn’t anything. However, there was a sudden wind of change – he courted me.

It took only weeks for him to court me. Why prolong the agony? As what the adage says, “Grab the opportunity!” I might sound too desperate, but I said “Yes!” to him. We both felt that as if fireworks had exploded and illumined the night sky. I was in total bliss. From then on, I had thought that I was the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

(I wrote and shared this during our Teaching Writing Workshop this afternoon. However, there were several revisions and additions made in this write-up.)