Just Got Inked!

Politicians serenading Filipinos’ votes, people listing candidates as if listing whom to give presents this Christmas, and everyone aspiring for a better nation – these are the usual scenarios that happen whenever there are elections in the Philippines.

Apart from being a special non-working holiday, Election Day in the Philippines is like a fiesta – not mentioning the buntings that clad the streets and outside the polling precincts. People hustle from here to there just to have their votes cast. And of course, different election-related news reports are on queue to update the viewers and the listeners. Perhaps, the tagline “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” does not apply on tourism only, but also on election per se. While these and those people are doing these and those things, there is this one thing that I get excited with during elections: my index finger getting inked.

Finally, the most awaited date had finally come – May 13, 2013. I was pretty excited to have my index finger inked again after three years. Though I was quite excited, I did not intend to wake up early today. I was sure that people were still squeezing themselves in the polling precincts. I was still in the verge of making my sleep the most of it; however, I was awakened by the noise of the news that was being aired on television. That was about 10 in the morning already. I got up and joined my husband in watching the news. Since I was not into politically awareness (Sorry!), I went downstairs. My sister-in-law saw me and asked, “Humana ka’g boto, te?” (Are you done voting yet?) I just shook my head and then asked the same question to her. She said that she was done.  My mom interrupted, “Te, sa precinct 2498-A ka #16. Si Arbie, #68.” (You’ll be in precinct 2498-A, #16. Arbie, #68.) She even added that it was hassle-free in the precinct. Well, good! There’s no need for me to hurry and scurry to vote.

I went back to my husband and told him about the information that Mama told me. While he was still watching the news, I was then busy scribbling down names of candidates whom I would vote. I even asked my husband whether to vote this person or not, for the sake of filling in my list. When I finished listing down names, I asked my husband, “After lunch ta mag-vote?” (Are we voting after lunch?) He just nodded.

After taking a bath and taking our lunch, we headed to the polling precinct. Finally! It’s a good thing that the precinct was just a walk away, perhaps, 80-100 meters away (Sorry. I’m poor at measurements.) As we were nearing the precinct, I observed that the place was peaceful. Indeed, the election there was hassle-free. My husband and I were actually done in 10 minutes! So fast compared to 1 hour and whatsoever minutes that I had read on some of the statuses of my Facebook friends.

Speaking for our own precinct, I could say that the election turned out fine. As of writing this, I haven’t heard of anything unusual or appalling that happened in the vicinity, aside from the PCOS machines that did not work in other precincts. Perchance, we were so fortunate that almost everything turned out satisfactory here in the Land of Promise. However, I am praying for those places that have election-related untoward incidences. Yes, I may be so proud and happy that I finally have had my index finger inked, but I hope this indelible ink remains purple in color, and not red, if you know what I mean.

So purple! My husband's and my index fingers :)

So purple!
My husband’s and my index fingers 🙂