The Last Homeroom

My Wednesday morning did not turn out to be right. I woke up late, prepared my things late, and the worst, I arrived 3 minutes late in school because of the taxi driver (who didn’t have change for my 100 pesos!) I thought it was totally a BV morning for me until I entered the classroom.

It was our last Homeroom class. I actually thought of much more exciting activities, but given 20 minutes for our Homeroom period, I was sure that 20 minutes wouldn’t be enough. Besides, our class would have still met before the school year ends.

When I entered the classroom, several students were already there. Well, others were still late. I led the class in prayer, and after that, I told them about the activity.



                                     I will miss you because…

 They wrote their names at the topmost part of their sheet. Then, below their names, they wrote, “I will miss you because…” I even told them that the activity was yeah, cheesy, but I assured them that they would have fun writing on their classmates’ sheets.

And, they surely had.

"I miss you because..."

“I will miss you because…”

The students already started writing. I heard compliments, jokes, and laughter. The activity somehow turned out to be well and fun, I believe. Seeing them move from one student to another to write their reasons why they will miss their classmates, I turned out to be a little sentimental. Yes, they are graduating soon. No. Very soon. I just kept on observing my kids, taking pictures of them, laughing with them, and telling them to carry on.

Sharing time!

Sharing time!

After a few minutes, I told them to stop. They returned to their seats and removed the sheets from their backs. I then called them one by one to read in front of the class what their classmates had written. Some were pleasant. Some were comical. But, the bottom line was, regardless the reason, they would miss their classmates. I would miss them, too.

A student posts her "I will miss you because..." sheet in her cubicle. :)

A student posts her “I will miss you because…” sheet in her cubicle. 🙂

To my Honesty students, thank you for making my first year of teaching in Davao Christian High School worthwhile. My shed tears, cracked jokes, shared laughter, and everything with you would be all memorable. I know I haven’t been a perfect teacher and adviser to you, but I have tried my very best to be at least, a friend to you. I won’t bid goodbye to you yet because I am sure that we will still see and meet each other soon. I just hope you will never forget where you have come from. Stay thankful and blessed. And, continue to be amazed by God’s grace. God bless you, my Honestisia babies! I love you all! :*